How many people does the Banquet Hall accommodate?

  • Seated reception: Up to 150 guests
  • Standing reception: Up to 250 guests
  • Classroom-style meeting: Up to 120 guests
  • Theater-style meeting: Up to 300 guests

There is no minimum guest requirement, however we recommend groups of 60 or more as the venue does not have a smaller room available. Our event specialist and rental providers will work with you to design a floor plan that suits your headcount and is also conducive to the activities or flow of your event. For seated banquets/wedding receptions, the maximum capacity is 150 guests. We can accommodate larger parties for standing cocktail receptions only. If you’re planning a seated wedding reception with more than 150 guests, please consider our sister property, located just next door to us: the Riverfront Community Center.

How much does it cost to rent the venue?

The Glastonbury Boathouse is a not-for-profit venue, and proudly offers competitive pricing for our clients year-round. Rental rates vary based on the day and time of your reservation, as well as the time of year. Rates start as low as $800 for weekday events, (excluding weddings*) and $2,500 for Friday events. We also offer discounts during the off-peak season (January 1 – April 14), for short term bookings, and year-round for nonprofit organizations. Please visit our Pricing page for more details.

The only other fee charged by the venue is liability insurance, which generally costs about $200. Your other costs beyond these fees will depend on your catering choices and other unique event needs – e.g. entertainment, A/V equipment, rentals, etc.

*Weddings held on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) are subject to Sunday rates.

What does the rental include?

All rentals include the use of the Banquet Hall, the covered Observation Deck overlooking the river, the private Host’s Suite, and indoor tables and chairs. It also includes an on-site Building Supervisor, up to 2 hours of setup time, and one hour for breakdown. (Additional setup time can be purchased as needed.) The building is fully accessible and has private restrooms, a full kitchen, air conditioning, and WiFi. We also offer free on-site parking.

How much does the catering cost?

Catering packages vary depending on each event’s unique requirements. Sample packages can be viewed here, but our Catering Partners will customize a menu based on your needs & budget. They will also include pricing for all food, beverages, labor, and rental items.

Can I bring in my own food and beverages?

No. All food and beverages must be provided by one of our licensed and insured catering partners, with the exception of clients hosting a weekday meeting through our Bistro Menu PackageWorking with our catering partners ensures that you receive the quality and customer service you deserve for your special occasion. If you must use an outside caterer, please consider our sister property, the Riverfront Community Center, which is located just next door. Visit their website for more information at www.glastonburyct.gov/rccrentals or contact Kristen Michaels at (860) 652-4640 or kristen.michaels@glastonbury-ct.gov.

Can I use my own vendors?

We work with Partner Vendors for Catering, Rental Equipment, and Audio Visual Services. Use of an outside vendor for these services requires Town of Glastonbury approval, and is subject to additional fees and requirements. Our partners have been carefully selected based on their outstanding reputations, their high quality of goods and services, and their professional expertise. We are very confident that they will meet your needs and expectations. For anything outside of these services, (e.g. entertainment, floral arrangements) you may choose your own vendor (insurance may be required).

What dates and times are available?

We accept bookings for every day of the week, including holidays, from 7:00 a.m. – midnight. Check our availability calendar here. Reservations are typically a 4-hour minimum for weekends/Friday evenings and a 6 hour minimum for couples booking their on-site wedding ceremony and reception.  We will accept shorter bookings on weekdays, or within 60 days or less for weekends. All rentals include 2 hours of set-up time and 1 hour of break-down time and additional set-up hours can be purchased, if needed.

Is the venue accessible for guests with disabilities?

Yes. All areas of the Banquet Hall, entry ways, and park grounds are fully accessible.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a 20% discount for 501(c)(3) non-profits, for events booked within 60 days or less, and for events held between January 1 and April 14.

What are your decoration policies?

We allow real candles that are enclosed, however decorations are subject to approval. We do NOT allow helium balloons, glitter, or confetti, and hanging decorations require oversight by our staff and a properly insured decorator. All deliveries, setup, and break-down must take place on the day of the event and our staff and preferred vendors will help you coordinate the logistics so the process is as stress-free as possible!

Can I have my wedding ceremony on-site?

Yes! Optional waterfront ceremonies are available for all wedding couples. If you will be hosting both your ceremony and reception on-site with us, a 6 hour minimum rental is required and includes your waterfront ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies booked without reserving the banquet hall are subject to approval and only available before 2:00 p.m. or any time when booked within 60 days. A fee of $300/hour will be charged for park grounds use for a ceremony without a banquet hall reservation, or $500 for 1.5 hours including an arch and up to 50 chairs for your guests.

Scheduling must be coordinated with other park activities because the park grounds remain open to the public at all times. All equipment including chairs, sound system, etc., must be rented through our Vendor Partners. For ceremony availability, preference is given to weddings that are hosting their reception on-site as well. Ceremony rehearsals are subject to availability. Please contact our Event Manager for more information at (860) 652-4640.

Do you book multiple events per day?

We may book a daytime and evening event on the same day if scheduling permits, (and at the discretion of the Banquet Facility Manager), however you will have up to 2 hours of setup time built into your reservation, and you can purchase additional set-up hours as needed. There is only one event space in the facility, therefore we will not have other events scheduled at the same time as yours. This means the focus can be entirely on you and your guests! (Please note, this excludes activities taking place in the park.)

Who is my wedding coordinator?

Your caterer can provide a wedding coordinator if you have not contracted your own. Our staff will help coordinate logistics and scheduling, and will staff a Building Supervisor for the duration of your event.

Can I rent only the Observation Deck or the Park Grounds?

We do not rent the Observation Deck independently from the Banquet Hall. The lawn next to the Boathouse can be reserved in conjunction with a Banquet Hall rental for an additional fee. Please note, however, that use of the lawn does not increase event capacity, as the Banquet Hall is on the second floor. The lawn can only be reserved without rental of the Banquet Hall within 60 days or less. Catered events on the lawn require a tent rental, and are subject to approval by the Town of Glastonbury.

The park grounds (including the waterfront patio and pavilions) are open to the public at all times and cannot be reserved for exclusive use. Catering and portable grills are not allowed on the park grounds. The athletic fields may be used for recreational activities, when available. Use of the athletic fields must be coordinated with the Glastonbury Parks & Recreation Department. Please contact Kristen Michaels for more information at kristen.michaels@glastonbury-ct.gov or (860) 652-4640.

Is there an alternate ceremony space for inclement weather/flooding?

The Boathouse does not have a separate indoor space for ceremonies in the event of inclement weather or flooding, and cannot accommodate tents on the waterfront patio. In those situations, clients hosting their reception on-site may use the Banquet Hall (reception space) for their ceremony. Our covered Observation Deck is a great alternative for small groups of 75 or less, and larger groups can be accommodated in our second story Banquet Hall with ample natural light and views of park foliage. For clients who have reserved ceremony time only, our Event Manager will discuss your on-property options if there is a threat of inclement weather.

How many rental rooms are available on-site?

The venue has one large, beautiful banquet hall available for rental. Unfortunately, the venue does not have additional rooms available for breakout sessions or group activities. During the warmer season, breakout sessions can potentially be coordinated outside, however such activities would be contingent on desirable weather. If you’re looking for a larger venue with multiple rooms for breakout sessions or group activities, please consider our sister property, the Riverfront Community Center. Visit their website for more information at www.glastonburyct.gov/rccrentals or contact Kristen Michaels at (860) 652-4640 or kristen.michaels@glastonbury-ct.gov.

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