The Benefit of Outside Catering Partners

Sometimes wedding couples are intimidated when I tell them that we work with outside caterers because they fear it’s going to create more work to coordinate logistics and payments with multiple vendors. The truth is, the process is not much different than it would be if you were to plan your wedding at a venue that has in-house catering.  With us, the caterer is your event planner, and will provide most of the same services as the event planners do at other venues.  As your event planner, they are not only committed to helping you bring your vision to life, but ultimately give you more control and flexibility through a custom catering food and beverage package.

While our Preferred Caterers do have some sample wedding menus available, they really prefer to create a customized menu proposal based on your interests and your budget.  This way, you’re not getting the same generic menu options like you would at most venues. Instead, you have the flexibility to choose whatever food and format you want, whether it’s a burger station or plated filet! You’re not locked into any menu or price point simply because it’s a wedding.  If you’re on a tight budget, you may need to get creative with the menu, but no matter what your budget is, our caterers LOVE coming up with uniquely personal menus and creative displays to really WOW you and your guests. They will give you a proposal that includes all of the rental items you need (linens, plates, glasses, etc.), or you can select the items you want for an additional charge.

The caterer is your main contact for all of the wedding coordination, and I work with them very closely to coordinate logistics, scheduling, and floor plans. They do all the work of setting up and breaking down your reception, and can also help set-up and coordinate the ceremony, if requested. We will also work with your other vendors so that you don’t have to be the point person, ensuring that everything is organized and ready on your big day! Whether you’re looking for a simple or completely customized wedding, the caterers and I will work together to make the process as easy as possible for you.

From a logistics standpoint, the only difference in having the caterers as separate vendors is that you’ll make separate payments for food and venue.  You’ll pay the caterers for the menu you coordinate with them, and then a separate venue rental fee will be paid to the Town of Glastonbury.  (Because we are a not-for-profit facility, the venue rental fee purely supports the operation and maintenance of the venue, onsite amenities, and the park.)

If you’re considering the Glastonbury Boathouse for your wedding, please reach out to me and I would be happy to discuss the custom catering options and planning process. I can also offer testimonials and referrals from our past clients. Our Preferred Caterers were selected because of their high quality of food and service, their flexibility and creativity, and their breadth of expertise. I am confident that they will accommodate your needs and exceed your expectations!

-Kristen Michaels, Event & Banquet Manager

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