Gourmet Galley Catering

Who We Are

Twenty years’ worth of custom events—country picnics to drop-dead chic weddings, business openings to family reunions and sophisticated cocktail parties for 300—where we will provide all the trimmings from napkins to twinkling lights and we don’t go home until the perfect party is complete.


What We Do Best 

We love weddings. We love them big and fancy or sweet and simple. We love brides who agonize over the size of their train, their pearls and their bouquets and we love brides who call up and say, “Let’s have a clambake at my Dad’s beach house!” 

As for business parties? 

Big business or small, your business matters to us. Picnics to celebrate, retreats to refuel, dinners to reward. From an all-American barbecue to a black tie dinner, there’s nothing we won’t do to make your business better…. and delicious. 

Taking care of our environment is really important to us as well, which is why we’ve taken measures to become green certified in CT! 

What do we really do best? We listen to our clients, and really hear what they’re saying about the kind of event they want to plan. Then we take them there and that is the heart of the matter; it’s where we excel-turning your vision into a reality. 

Why We Love the Boathouse

The Boathouse is a unique space that no one in our area can compete with. If you’re looking for your guests to go away from your event saying “wow, that was so different and a great place to have a party”, then the boathouse is the place for you.  It’s clean and beautiful inside and we love the patio that overlooks the river.

Sample Menus

Our staff will work with you to design a custom menu that suits your needs and budget, but if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve included a sample menu below for your perusal and inspiration!

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