Save the Last Dance

Last month, I married the love of my life.  Our wedding was incredible and I wish I could do it over and over again every weekend. In the last few weeks leading up to it, everyone told me that “it goes by so fast” and truer words have never been spoken.  Our reception was 4 hours and it felt more like maybe 40 minutes.  We had about 115 guests and by the time we made it through the dances, speeches, and working the room to greet and mingle with all of our guests, it was already 3 hours into the reception!  As much as we loved getting to see all our friends and family, it wasn’t until the last hour/hour and a half where we could really relax and soak it all in.  That’s when the dancing started, the opportunity to have a drink without photo interruptions arrived, and we could finally let loose and marvel at how all the months of planning came together.

Regardless of how fast it went, it was honestly the best, most amazing day/weekend of my life and there are so many incredible memories we made that we will cherish forever.  But one of my absolute favorite moments was one I didn’t anticipate: the (second to) last dance.  Growing up, I wasn’t super girly and I never gave my actual wedding much thought as far as the little details, but one thing I did know was the first dance song I wanted: ‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ by Aerosmith.  Fast forward 30 years and the first dance song ended up being something else because my husband wasn’t a huge fan and I wanted to compromise since the music was one of the only aspects he really wanted to give some input on.  Nevertheless, I wanted to find a way to work my song into our wedding so I decided to make it the last song of the night. (It ended up being the second to last song, because our DJ suggested we follow it with one final fast one so that our guests would know the celebration would continue in the bar for the after-party.)  With that planned, the end of the reception came and the DJ announced it would be the last slow song of the evening. Everyone crowded the dance floor to slow dance together and it was a truly magical moment.  My husband and I were dancing right next to both of our sets of parents and all of our other guests swarmed around us.  It was a beautiful and emotional moment in so many ways – it was an opportunity to slow dance with my husband without the pressure of the first dance where your adrenaline is pumping from the ceremony and from knowing that all eyes are on you….It was a moment to appreciate everything that the whole day had been – that we were officially married, that we would be spending forever together, that the whole day was a dream – all while physically surrounded by everyone we love.  Of all the exceptional memories the day was comprised of, this was by far the top 3.  If I can give any advice to our future clients, it would be to incorporate this idea into your reception.  It could certainly be any song, fast or slow, but choosing one that has an energy to bring your guests together will make it a lifelong memory.  If dancing isn’t your thing, find a way to create a memorable moment towards the end of the reception, after all the chaos has subsided, to be completely “in the moment”.  It’s truly a wonderful way to soak in the love and warmth that embodies your special day.

We haven’t gotten all of our photos yet since it’s only been a few weeks so I’m including this outstanding photo from Luke Wayne Photography from a first dance at The Glastonbury Boathouse venue. 🙂

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