The Forgotten Family Photo

My sister got married four years ago this past May. She and her husband-to-be were fortunate enough to get the BEST weather and the ceremony was absolutely stunning. As her older sister, I was so incredibly proud and excited to be a part of it as and so pleased that she dubbed me her maid of honor. From the moment she got engaged to brunch the day after the wedding, I was completely dedicated to being there for her. I held the bouquet, pulled off an awesome bridal shower, a sweet bachelorette party, and even saved her wedding dress with my trusty Tide stick after the ceremony left it with grass stains. The whole process was amazing and it was so fun to be a part of it, but there’s one thing we learned that I think is important to pass on to all our brides to be.

Throughout the entire wedding, we NEVER got a photo of only our immediate family together. We had the couple and my parents, my sister and my Mom, my sister and me, the couple with both sets of parents, all bridesmaids and groomsmen, you name it….yet none of the photos featured our original family of four- me, my sister, and our parents….we didn’t even get one of just the 4 of us with my new brother in law. This was actually really surprising because her photographer was truly phenomenal. He captured every great moment – my brother in law’s reaction when he saw his bride for the first time, their first dance, speeches, guests living it up on the dance floor, couples sharing romantic glances….he really was fantastic and I hope I can book him for my wedding someday. But even though he captured the tide stick and all of those other amazing moments, we never got a photo of me with my sister and our parents. It’s a little disappointing because there are very few opportunities in life to capture great photos of your immediate family, (especially when you’re dressed to the nines), so I wanted to pass this along in case it’s something you might treasure as well.

When you’re creating your list of photos for the photographer, don’t forget to include one of where it all started and the people who were there for you from the beginning! In the moment it will just feel like one more photo but it will be one you and your family can cherish forever!


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